Equivalency White Paper Adopted at the Association of Professional Chaplains

May, 2006

This past year the Chair of the Theological Equivalency Committee of the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), Chaplain Doug Vardell and several Buddhists from around the country and from different Buddhist traditions have written, Equivalency Issues for Buddhist Candidates for Board Certification with the Association of Professional Chaplains:  A White Paper.”  The Committee is now circulating the White Paper to Buddhists chaplains.  Comments and questions are being asked for.  Depending on how the White Paper is received and the comments communicated to Chaplain Vardell, the White Paper may be approved at the APC Annual Meeting, May 2007 in San Francisco, CA..

We urge you to read the paper carefully.  You are welcome to provide Chaplain Vardell comments as he states at the top of the draft White Paper.  We also ask that you come to our discussion web site, join, and share your comments and questions with us so we get a sense of our respective views.

We also wish to recognize the contributions the following Buddhist chaplains who have worked with Chaplain Vardell in developing this White Paper:

bulletBill Bartlett
bulletCarlyle Coash
bulletTrudi Hirsch
bulletDhammasiri Kekanadura
bulletMark Power
bulletTalon Windwalker
bulletDavid Zuniga

Also see the accompanying APC 2007 Theological Equivalency Worksheet to document your preparation.