A Buddhist Prayer

for the

The National Defense Defense Department/Canadian Forces

Venerable Lama Peling Rinpoche – superior of the Buddhist Monastery and Palyul Foundation of Canada offered the Blessing in the name of Three Jewels; the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.


“By the blessing and power of the Three Jewels; the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, and those great beings who work for the benefit of all, may these colours of the Royal Military College of Canada be blessed as a symbol of the ideals and strengths of our nation, as well as those of all mankind. May they inspire all those who see them with the valor to uphold these principles and may they act as a shield and a beacon for those suffering from darkness and despair.”

“There is no evil like hatred,
and no fortitude like patience.
Thus we should strive in various ways
to meditate on patience.

Our mind will not experience peace
if it fosters painful thoughts of hatred
we shall find no joy or happiness;
hatred will increase, and then destroy us.
Therefore we should totally eradicate
this enemy which has no other function
than that of causing ourselves and others harm.

May we be a protector to those without protection
a leader for those who journey
and a boat, a bridge, a passage,
for those desiring the other shore.

For as long as space exits
and sentient beings endure
may we too remain
to dispel the misery of the world.”

From the Bodhicaryavatara of Santideva

News release from the National Defense Defense Department/Canadian Forces